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QwikScript provides a fast and efficient pen-based data input method for the Sharp Zaurus and iPaq Qtopia/Opie handhelds. QwikScript was inspired by "quickwriting", a data entry method advanced by Ken Perlin which allows you to enter full sentences with an uninterrupted flowing motion. Here is a screenshot. You can play with an online java demo of a similar system on the NYU site.


2003.0209: Version 0.2.0 is currently released which provides a basic implementation of the QwikScript concept. It should be fully working. An installable .ipk is available here. It was compiled and tested with the OpenZaurus 3.1 environment. It has been reported to work with the default sharp roms as well, although I've not done any testing except with OZ.. Your mileage may vary. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Source tarball is available here. Absolutely no warranty of any kind is provided. Use entirely at your own risk.


There is still alot to do. I would like to utilize the space to the side of the input block to add directional arrow buttons and maybe control/alt button modifiers. There is currently no support for accented characters.


QwikScript was written by David Placek, based on input code from the JumpX keyboard input method and is copyrighted where possible by the author. The software is publicly available under the terms of the GPL license. Note: The originators of the similar input system ("Quikwriting") have two patents, US 5764794 and US 6031525 which may apply to their Quikwriting concept. I do not know if these patents apply to QwikScript or in what way they apply. I haven't even looked at them. I am not a lawyer. I liked the Quikwrite (tm) idea, I wanted to use it personally, it wasn't available, I made it. If you want to know how I did it, here it is. I receive no income whatsoever from this software and have no intention of so doing. Daniel Kristjansson at NYU has informed me that they have not pursued non-commercial implemenatations in the past and are hoping to make sources available under an Alladin style license. In the meantime, QwikScript is available.


V0.2.0 Source tarball
V0.2.0 ipk for sharp zaurus


Any questions or comments can be sent to me at qs_opie@yahoo.com.

QwikScript Main Project Page


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